Why Gymnastics?

Many people never consider gymnastics when looking for a recreational activity for their children.

Here are some reasons why you should:

  1. Gymnastics is the only sport that works total body strength, flexibility, coordination, and aerobic development. Gymnastics enhances gross motor skills.
  2. Self-discipline is developed due to the very nature of the sport.
  3. Self-confidence is built through individualized goals and accomplishments, and by positive influences and encouragement from coaches.
  4. Unlike any other sport, gymnastics is a unique way of developing strength and giving athletes that added edge, no matter what sport or activity they may try.
  5. Early training results in increased kinesthetic awareness–balance, coordination, thinking skills, etc.
  6. A NASA study showed that gymnasts have highly developed vestibular mechanisms which increase general learning, (academic as well as physical), memory, etc.
  7. Gymnastics, above all else, is fun!