Why Parents Choose Arete Gymnastics

  • The only gym in Utah to put girls and boys on the USA National Team: J.O., Future Stars, and International Elite US National Team.
  • Dan & Jana Coleman: The only International Elite Coaches in Utah.  Also, the only coaches to coach for the USA National Team in international competition.
  • The largest most fully equipped state of the art gymnastics facility in Utah.  28,000 square feet with in-ground pits, tramps, spotting rigs, dance room, etc.
  • The lowest prices in Utah.  We dare you to compare prices per hour with any other gym.
  • Scholarships: Arete Gymnastics has had boys and girls get college scholarships!  We have college recruiters come to Arete Gymnastics on a regular basis to look at our gymnasts!  These colleges include The University of Utah, BYU, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Oklahoma, etc.
  • Our gymnasts enjoy gymnastics.  Learn gymnastics in a positive safe environment.
  • Every child gets a chance.  Arete Gymnastics is proud of our work with special needs children, less fortunate children, Hopes Cancer Kids, Make a Wish, etc.

Why should I have my Team Gymnast at Arete Gymnastics?

Elite Gymnastics: At Arete Gymnastics our program is built around Elite gymnastics with National team goals and philosophies. Junior Olympics (JO) and college gymnastics follow our Elite program. Other gyms in Utah are JO centered programs hoping they might get a gymnast that will take their gym to Elite.

Arete is an Elite Training center taking gymnasts to Elite!

National staff: Olympic torch bearers and Arete Elite coaches, Dan and Jana Coleman, have been coaching together for over 20 years and have been involved in Elite gymnastics for over 10 years, all while building relationships with National team staff. In Elite gymnastics, relationships matter! National staff are always asking who else we have coming up the Elite pipeline. Don’t forget, National staff visits.

Let your gymnast be the next gymnast we recommend to the National staff!

College recruiters: Because of our success at the Elite level, Arete is continually getting requests from recruiters to visit and watch our gymnasts train. We have received letters, visits and request for visits from many major NCAA championship colleges including the U of U, Florida, Oklahoma, Alabama, Auburn, Arizona, and UCLA. In the upcoming months we have scheduled visits with Arizona, UCLA and the U of U.

Be here! Don’t miss the opportunity to have your gymnast be seen!

Media Exposure: Arete gymnasts have been featured in newspapers, magazines, television news, television feature stories, and multiple internet feeds. Elite hopefuls can take advantage of our existing media exposure, and media frenzy surrounding our gymnasts. International fan interest in Arete Gymnastics has come from around the world, with local, national and international media interviews and exposure.

Don’t be a by stander, be part of the story!

Elite Coaches: Dan and Jana Coleman have 25 plus years of coaching experience, and many more years of gymnastics experience. Arete Gymnastics has champions at every level of gymnastics, including the Elite level. At Arete Gymnastics you will find Elite coaches raising their gymnast from start to finish through each level. This creates consistency, polish, and perfection: the keys to Elite success.

Come train with the best!

Sports Rehab: Many athletes get injured; that is part of participating in sports. When a gymnast is injured, most gyms expect the athlete to go to the doctor and return when they are healed. At Arete Gymnastics, Elite athletes begin rehab ASAP with trainer Dan Coleman, who has been working with sports injuries for over 20 years. Dan is an I.D.E.A. Fitness Foundation member, American College of Sports Medicine certified H.F.I. and he studied Exercise Physiology at BYU. Dan has worked with athletes of all ages and multiple sports.

Get back in the game!

Ask yourself a few important questions…

Could I be an Elite gymnast, and if so, why am I still competing level 8, 9 or 10?

Does my age fit my goals? Am I running out of time?

Is my gym adequate for training Elite gymnastics?

Do my coaches really know Elite gymnastics?

Arete is searching for the next Elite gymnast to join our tradition of amazing gymnasts.

If you are 12 years old and younger and want to take your gymnastics to the next level, call today for your private and confidential consultation. 801-796-5437

Don’t let someone guess you to Elite. Come to Arete where our program is proven.