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Areté Gymnastics
Phone: (801) 796-5437
Arete Staff
(Click here to see Head coaches run the Olympic Torch)
Dan  Head Team Coach/ Tops and Elite
Jana  Head Team Coach/ Tops and Elite
JenYev Asst. Head Girls Team Coach/Mini Jets
Kaysha Asst. Head Girls Team Coach/Dance
Morgyn Girls Team Coach
Destri Girls Team Coach
Tyler Boys Team Coach
John Boys Team Coach
Jake Tumbling/Urban gym
Isaac Tumbling
Monte Girls rec.
Jessica Girls rec.
Maddy Girls rec.
Heather Girls rec./Tots
Holly Girls rec.
Sage Girls rec.
Sydney Girls rec.
Aislyn Girls rec./Tots
Alan Boys rec.
Kristi Office/rec. manager
Krysti Office staff
Office staff